what is publicity? what are the Features, importance, and types of publicity

Publicity- Types of publicity in marketing? features & Importance

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Do you know the meaning of publicity? Types of publicity in marketing? What are the features, and importance of publicity? Publicity plays a very important role in the marketing of any product, service, business, and so on.

We will discuss what exactly is publicity in marketing. Types of publicity in marketing with its features, & importance in brief. Let’s go to the topic.

Meaning of publicity in marketing

Meaning of publicity

Publicity is the major component of promotion. It is free communication through the media, news about the product, services, performance or policies, and so on of an organization.

Publicity refers to non-sponsor-free communication which helps to transfer information from its source to the public through the media, news, and many platforms. It requires no payment because it is non-personal communication.

Publicity is the communication about the product, services, businesses, etc by placing the news about it in the media without paying for the space.

In the same way, Publicity helps to build good images for the business or firm and its product and services. The media in the news or special interest stories, help businesses to build favorable images toward the general public.

A good publicity program requires regular contact or touch with the mass media, such as radio, news websites, newspapers, blogs, television, and so on.

Some of the common tools for publicity are press conferences, speeches, news releases, publications, articles, and so on.

Features of publicity

Features of publicity
Features of publicity

Publicity is one of the most important elements for any business to build good images toward the general public. Publicity has the following features:

Free communication

As we know publicity is non-paid communication. Publicity does not require any payment. Press representatives, reporters, writers, and various kinds of person writes and talks about it free of cost.

Mass communication

Mass communication is the main feature of publicity. Publicity helps to gain mass communication free of cots.

High credibility

In the same way, Publicity has high credibility in the eyes of the public and customers. The message of the publicity is more believable than an advertisement.

Low control

Marketers have low control over the publicity as compared to the advertisement. The control is entirely in the hands of the media and can not be dictated by marketers.


Publicity helps to deliver information to the general public as well as customers, and stakeholders. Customers know about reputation, products, programs, services, and so on through publicity.

Importance of publicity in business

Importance of publicity
Importance of publicity

Publicity is an act of informing. It helps to promote a business and its products and services free of cost through the news media. Publicity is very important in business or marketing due to the following reasons:

Announce New product

Publicity will be most effective for the announcement of new products or services than advertising. Because it creates consumer awareness about the product or services.

Build interest

Publicity helps to build interest in the established product. Businesses can provide regular information about their product, services, policies, etc to the consumers which help to build interest.

Announce performance and policies

Publicity also has a very important role in the announcement of performance and the policies of an organization. In the same way, it helps to communicate the firm’s performance to its stakeholders and other concerned people.

Announce technological development

In the same way, publicity plays a very important role to announce the technological development achieved y businesses. It helps to enhance the business image of technological leadership in the industry.

Counter negative publicity

In order to remove negative rumors in the market of the business take the help of publicity. The firm uses publicity to counter negative publicity in the market.

Makes people aware

Publicity plays a very important role for businesses to aware people of the firm’s products, brands, image, and activities.

Types of publicity in marketing

types of publicity
Types of publicity

There are many types of publicity mechanisms. We will discuss the most common types of publicity in marketing as follows:

News Release

In the same way, The news release is normally a single page of a typewritten copy containing bout 300 words.

The most common type of publicity is a press release or news release. In the news release, the firm provides information about the product and services.

Feature article

The feature article is repaired for a specific publication. It is a longer manuscript of up to 3000 words.

In the same way, It contains the firm performance, special features of the products and services, special presentations, and so on.

Press conference

A press conference is a meeting used to announce major news events. The firm invites media personnel and briefs. A press conference is the most common type of publicity.

Letters to Editor

A letter to the editor is also an important tool for publicity. These are prepared and sent to the newspaper and magazine publisher.

Flims and tapes

In the same way, films and tapes are also important tools for publicity. They are distributed to broadcast stations in the hope that they will be aired.

sponsorship of special events

At present sponsorship is n effective form of publicity. A firm or business can sponsor special events such as sports, arts, fairs, shows, and so on.


Speeches also become a tool of publicity. Sometimes, the firm’s executives give speeches at special events, meetings, and so on. These speeches help to build a firm image.

Captioned photograph

Businesses use captioned photographs as a tool of publicity. A captioned picture contains a brief description that explains the picture’s content. It is effective for the promotion of new and improved products.

To conclude:

As we discuss, publicity is the major component of the promotion of any brand, business, product, service, and so on. It is free of cost. It helps to communicate product and service information with the customers and the general public.

Publicity is the best and most effective way to gain the belief of the general public rather than advertising. It helps to announce new products, policies, and performance, and make people aware of the brand, products, as well as services.

In the same way, it helps to gain mass communication and has high credibility as compared to advertising. In this way, publicity is an important element for any business to build a good image in the market.

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