3 ways to remove full video background for free

remove full video background online free

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Do you want to remove the full video background online for free? Say goodbye to green screens. In this article, I will show you the top three free ways to remove a video background without a green screen.

Removing the video background is not an easy task but I will make it easier for you. Removing the video background is necessary in order to add the other background effects and as well as it might be helpful to marketers, graphic designers, businesses, individuals, and for entertainment purposes.

Here we go top 3 free ways to remove video backgrounds without green screens.

3 ways to remove full video background for free

There are many tools and software in which you can easily remove your full video background. Many of them are free and many of them are paid but I am going to recommend 3 tools that help you to remove the full video background for free.

3. Unscreen

Unscreen is a website that allows you to upload video clips and remove the full video background without the green screen. It is free but you can remove the video background on a 5-second clip.

If you want to do more time you will have to use their paid service. In the same way, that 5 seconds may be helpful if you are doing a meme or short social media videos.

Once you upload the video clip on the unscreen it removes the video background pretty well. You also have the option to choose the video background whether it be a video background or an image background. You can also choose a color background. After that, you can easily download your video.

website: Unscreen.com

2. Kapwing

Our no. 2 video background remover is Kapwing. Kapwing is a website that helps to remove the video background without green screen effects inside their studio.

You are allowed to upload, edit and remove video backgrounds up to 7 minutes a length. If you want to do more longer videos you will have to upgrade to their paid account.

Similarly, 7 minutes is a lot more time than 5 seconds compared to unscreen.com. In the same way, create your free account and upload a clip and wait for it to process and then click on the effects on the right sidebar and then click remove background.

Now, if you want to add the video background, image, or color you can do it by using this tool.

website: Kapwing.com

1. CapCut

Capcut best video editing app and best video background remover for free

Our last and most popular video background remover is CapCut. It is a mobile video editing application for ios and android devices. It works on mobile or tablets alike.

Similarly, CapCut is the most powerful mobile video editing application on the market. In the same way, It is 100% free, with no watermark and no time limits. Go ahead and download that application.

You can start a new project and start by adding the background you want to be behind you. Then go ahead and add your clip on top of that and then click on remove the background it will go to work and process again depending on your video.

Once it’s done, you have your removed video background on your background and as you can see the quality is the best than unscreen and Kapwing.

App: CapCut.com


So there you go those are the top three tools i.e. Unscreen, Kapwing, and Capcut which helps you to remove full video background online for free.

In this way, I want to recommend CapCut. The reason why I ranked CapCut number 1 is that it is a mobile video application which means you always have it with you. It is super easy to use and it does a good job removing video backgrounds without the green screen.

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