Benefits of Having a Backup of Your FB Account - How to Create a Backup 

Importance of FB Account Backup & How to Do it.

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2023 at 06:29 am

Did you know Facebook has 2.91 billion (nearly 3 billion) active users on its platform? 

That’s quite an impressive number that’s still growing. The core reason behind the growing popularity of social media platforms is that they have a direct impact on our lives.  

Due to this reason, they have become an inevitable part of human lives.  

Aside from keeping us connected to our loved ones, social media platforms, Facebook in particular, keeps us informed of what’s happening around and across the globe.  

That means it has also turned into a source of information. You can see things that mainstream media is reluctant to share due to their privacy policy and political influence. 

Everyone has a plethora of memorable videos, pictures, life events, and other stuff on their Facebook account.  

Unfortunately, not many people are concerned about keeping a backup of their memories on FB. They are likely to lose their posts if an unfortunate incident occurs completely. 

Creating a backup of your Facebook account can make you feel stress-free as you no longer need to stay worried about losing your important data. 

Benefits of Having a Backup of Your Facebook Account

Before we walk you through the process of taking a backup of your Facebook account, let’s check out the prominent benefits of doing so. 

Protection against data loss

The first thing that goes in Favor of a Facebook account holder is that taking a backup keeps all their posts, messages, photographs, videos, and other stuff protected.  

You won’t have to worry about losing all the precious data even if any unfortunate incident happens.  

For instance, if something bad happens to your Facebook account all of your data gets lost. Still, a backup lets you restore everything the way it was.  

That means you always have a feeling of protection, regardless of the prevailing threatful situation. 

Security against hacking or account compromise

With the growing popularity of social media platforms, cybercriminals, and hackers are also getting busier, hacking your account for the sake of stealing personal information.  

No matter how secure your social media platform might be, the danger of hackers stealing information is always there. 

Having a backup enables recovering your data even after severe hacker attacks. You can minimize the damage that might result in a hacking attempt. 

Preservation of precious memories

It takes years to build a collection of sweet memories of your friends and family. You can’t go back to the past to create those unforgettable celebrations.  

A Facebook backup makes sure that none of your precious memories go into the bin. You will have everything accessible even in case of account compromise and potential data loss. 

Access to older media, posts, and messages

Having streamlined access to older messages, posts, and media becomes difficult as time passes by.  

You can imagine the situation of tediousness when you have to scroll down to find a particular post on your Facebook wall.  

A backup allows you to easily access older posts without wasting time. You can get things in front of you as and when required. 

Protection of important personal information

Not all people use Facebook for entertainment purposes; many have business accounts where they have important details saved.  

People are likely to have sensitive data, contact details, business proposals, and locations saved to their Facebook accounts.  

They cannot afford to lose all these crucial details. That’s why having a backup saves them from catastrophic situations. 

How to Download Videos from Facebook?

In most cases, people don’t want to create a complete backup. Instead, they just want to download some memorable videos from their FB wall.  

If that’s the case with you, then you don’t have to go through the complete backup process. A simple FB video downloader can do the job for you. 

Facebook video downloader download your videos

The tool is available for free and does not require you to download or install any program. Simply visit the tool, paste the URL of the FB video that you wish to download, and then click the ‘Download’ button. 

how does it work to download your Facebook videos

Now, you can choose from the available video qualities, e.g., 720p and 1080p. After you have chosen the desired video quality, you should be able to download the video by right-clicking and choosing to save the video. 

That’s how easily you can get your favorite videos from Facebook. The procedure works for private videos as well. 

If you don’t want a complete back of your Facebook account and just want some random videos from either your own or from someone else’ FB wall, then this tool can work for you the right way.  

How to Create a Backup of Facebook Account?

If you search the same query in Google, you are likely to see a bunch of results, with each suggesting a different way to have a backup. However, not all procedures are effective when it comes to protecting your FB information.  

The steps you must take are as follows:

Step 1: Log in to Your Facebook Account 

Facebook helps for backup

First off, you need to visit your FB account and log in using your credentials. 

Step 2: Go to Settings and Privacy 

privacy setting and tool Facebook account backup

The next thing you need to do is reach the top-right corner and then click your profile picture. A drop-down will appear, and you need to choose ‘Settings and Privacy’ from there. 

Now, choose ‘Settings’ and then click ‘Privacy.’ 

Step 3: Click on Your Facebook Information 

Now you have to choose ‘Your Facebook Information,’ which should appear right under Privacy. 

Step 4: Download Profile Information 

Click ‘Download Profile Information,’ and you will see a prompt where Facebook asks you to choose the information that you would like to choose. 

Click ‘Request a Download.’  If you already have an Instagram account, that will be checked automatically along with the Facebook account. You can choose the account for which you want a backup. 

From the information, you can either choose ‘Complete Copy’ or ‘Select Types of Information.’ 

You will be presented with a screen where you can choose the type of data you want to back up, such as photos, videos, messages, etc. 

Step 5: Select the Date Range 

Next, select the date range for the data you want to back up. For instance, you can choose backup data shared during the previous year.  

Step 6: Begin the Backup Process 

Click on the “Create File” button to start the backup process. Facebook will take some time to prepare your backup file, depending on the size of your data. For example, if you have data that is multiple GPs, then it could take a little longer. 

Step 7: Verify and Download Your Backup File 

Once the backup file is ready, Facebook will send you an email notification. Go back to the “Download Your Information” section, and you will see an “Available Copies” section.  

Verify that your backup file is ready and click “Download” to save it to your device. In some instances, the steps could be slightly different depending on the Facebook update. 

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