difference between object oriented program oop and structure program language

Difference between oop and structured programming language?

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We will discuss the detailed difference between object-oriented programming language OOP and structure programming in the table. In the same way, we will discuss the advantages, features, simple meanings, and disadvantages with their examples.

Let’s discuss the differences between object-oriented programs oop and structured-oriented programming languages in detail.

what is the simple meaning of object-oriented program oop?

OOP stands for the object-oriented program that uses ‘object’ to design computer programs as well as to design applications. The object-oriented program uses the features like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation and so. on.

Due to the use of all those features, it is popular these days. some examples of object-oriented programming languages are Java, PHP, C++, c#, javascript, etc.

Nowadays it is a popular tool to design and develop software. The main idea of oop is to join data and function in a single unit, such as a unit called an object.

In the same way, The main features of object-oriented programming languages oops are data hiding and data encapsulation. problems are divided into objects in oops. In the same way, It is based on bottom-up programming.

Similarly, It is the most highly paid salary job in the world for the expert in software development using object-oriented programming languages.

The main characteristics of oops are as follows:

  • object

  • class

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

  • Encapsulation

  • Data abstraction

Application area of object-oriented programming languages oops?

  • Expert system

  • Artificial intelligence

  • In the same way, it is widely used in Games and mobile applications

  • Internet-based application

  • security system and decision support system

  • In the same way, it is also used to design user interfaces for software.

what is the simple meaning of structure programming language?

A structured programming language is a programming model that uses a collection of instructions that is executed by the computer step by step.

In the same way, It uses top-down development techniques. C, COBOL, FORTRAN, etc are some examples of structured programming languages

Differences between oop and structure programming languages

OOp stands for an object-oriented program that uses objects to design applications and as well as
computer programs.
In the same way, oops uses a bottom-up development process.
It gives more focus on data unlikely to the procedure.
In the same way, oop has many features like data hiding, polymorphism, inheritance, etc.
consequently, Easy to reuse programming code in procedure programming languages.
Similarly, It is the latest as well as a newer concept at present.
In the same way, Higher security can be possible by using object-oriented programming languages.
We can easily add new data and as well as functions in object-oriented programming languages.
Similarly, Programming development will be easier by using amazing features like
inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, etc.
some examples of oops programming languages are c++, java, javascript, etc.
object-oriented programming languages

programming language
A structured programming language is a collection of instructions executed
by computers step by step.
In the same way, it uses top-down development techniques.
In the same way, It gives more emphasis on procedure rather than data.
It does not include such features as an object-oriented programming language.
It is difficult to reuse programming code in Structured programming languages.
In the same way, It is an old concept.
Likewise, Higher security can not be possible by using structured programming languages.
In the same way, We can not easily add new data as well as functions in structured programming languages.
Similarly, It does not include such features, in the same way, program the development will be difficult as well as time-consuming.
Likewise, some examples of structure programming languages are C, COBOL, etc.
structure programming languages

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