What is email marketing?

email marketing- email marketing Tools, goals, and benefits

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Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 03:49 pm

Email marketing is the process of marketing in order to promote products and services using email sending commercial emails. The first step in email marketing is aware of our company, product, services, and so on. Then, we engage with users by sending informative emails. Finally, after engaging with users you need to convert your emails into sales.

Emails marketing helps to stimulate customers to buy a certain product or service if you do proper email marketing.

The number of email active users is estimated to reach 4.3 billion in 2023. Every day about 293.6 billion emails are sent and received worldwide. The average expected ROI ( Return On Investment ) is 42 $ dollars for every 1 dollar you invest in email marketing.

As we heard email is dead. But this is not true as we mention the fact above. Email is dead for those who do spam, sending, and collecting emails to random people as well as focusing on sales-oriented emails.

Goals achieved by email marketing

As we know email marketing is an important marketing strategy for sending emails to potential users or customers. The main goal which can be achieved using email marketing are:

  • Conservation

We can easily create conversions using email marketing. We can make sales easily using an email marketing strategy.

  • Brand Awareness

In the same way, Another goal of email marketing is brand awareness. We can create brand awareness among millions of people using email marketing.

Email marketing is also a way to get customer retention and deliver them good value. Only focusing on sales is not best to get success. There are many types of emails that we can send to the customers to get value. Emails like welcome, Wish, email newsletters, updates, and so on.

In the same way, We need automation to deliver value for thousands of users as well as customers. There are different email automation tools available on the internet.

We will discuss the different email marketing tools that can automate your emails marketing campaigns.

Best tools for email marketing campaigns

Mail chimp is one of the popular useful tools for email marketing at present. With the help of Mail chimp, you can easily automate your emails. By using this tool you can get a target with segmentation, integration, and best analytics.

Aweber is another useful email marketing tool that can automate your email marketing campaigns. Similarly, It offers free migration, 24/7 customer support, integration, and many more which is more beneficial to increase sales and connect with customers.

In the same way, Sendinblue is also one of the popular email marketing tools which helps you to automate your email marketing campaign in a proper way. It offers other services like chat, SMS marketing, and so on. Data protection makes it one of the best email marketing tools.

Similarly, Mailerlite is also one of the popular tools that help you automate your email marketing campaign correctly. You can get many services like integration, analytics, and data in a proper way. Similarly, it also provides good customer support which is best to run email marketing campaigns.

In the same way, Hubspot Email marketing is also one of the best tools which help you to automate your email marketing campaigns. It also offers many services like a free landing page, a free online form builder, and good analytics for your email marketing campaigns.

Our last and final best email marketing tool is moosend.com which is one of the best email marketing software in the market. Similarly, It offers many useful features, integration, and many more which makes the email marketing campaign easier and faster.

By using these tools, it is a much easier and faster way to send emails to target audiences. You can easily customize your email list, schedule emails, email design, & many features with the help of email automation tools.

What are the advantages or benifits of using email marketing?

As we discuss above the RIO in email marketing is high and the number of email users also increases Day by day. Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to users or customers.

  • Low Cost

As we know ROI ( Return on investment ) in email marketing is high. We can get more sales and brand awareness in low cots.

  • Targeted message

In the same way, We can easily deliveries our targeted message to our targeted customers using email marketing tartegy.

  • Global reach

In the same way, It is famous for its global reach. We can send emails worldwide by using many email marketing tools and software.

  • Easy to share

As we know email is easy to share. Customers can easily share emails with their friends with one click.

  • Easy to measure

In the same way, with the help of email marketing, you can easily track and measure your email marketing campaigns.

  • Instant selling

Email marketing is popular for instant selling. Due to the immediately sending features of emails, businesses can start their sales within a minutes.


As we know email marketing is a popular digital marketing strategy worldwide. In the same way, the number of active users of emails is also increasing day by day. It is an effective marketing strategy because of low cost, high return, instant selling, global reach, and so on.

In the same way, we can achieve many goals using email marketing. We can easily achieve our goals like conversion, brand awareness, etc.

We need emails automation tools to manage our email marketing campaigns. Tools like MailChimp helps to send thousands of emails in one click to our targeted audiences. These tools are also helpful to track our campaign.

For getting better results in email marketing you must deliver good value to the customers. If we only Focus on sales It does not work properly in email marketing. By delivering value, good information, updates, and so on helps to engage with customers and lead to sales.

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