What is branding? What are the qualities of good branding?

What is branding? What are the qualities of good branding?

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Last updated on July 7th, 2022 at 08:05 am

Do you know what is branding and what are the qualities of good branding? Branding is the creative process that uses the name, symbol, and term as well as design that identifies a seller’s product, or services.

Good branding helps to differentiate the product, services, or businesses from other competitors or their products and services.

In the same way, Brandingdescribes the seller’s product and differentiates it from others. A brand can be a name, mark, symbol, or trademark. Branding helps to identify the seller or maker.

Brand plays a very important role in marketing purposes. The brand is important to manufacturers, producers, or marketers. In the same way, the brand is equally important to consumers as well as society too

. Branding helps to capture the market share. It helps to retain its position in the market. Branding helps to build an image and create brand loyalty toward customers.

In the same way, branding makes it easy to identify the product. It creates choice among the customers.

Branding plays a very important role in the regular supply of the products. Good branding helps to promote social-cultural events.

In the same way, Good branding protects consumer rights and welfare. Branding helps and cares for the protection of the environment. In this way, good branding will be beneficial to society as well.

What are the qualities of good branding?

1. Simple

A good brand should be simple. It should avoid any kind of complication. A brand with a simple name and design makes a business remember and creative.

2. Short

Short words play a very important role in branding. shorter words help to remember the brand name quickly. In the same way, a long brand name loses its customer retention.

3. Attractive

In the same way, an Attractive brand name attracts more customers. attractive design and name makes a business more popular as well as helps in the growth of the company.

In the same way, product image and brand image enhances with the attractive brand name.

4. Easy to remember

A brand name should be easy to speak as well as easy to remember. Customers will remember the brand name easily and help in the image building of the businesses.

A simple, short, name such as sony, apple, etc is helpful.

A brand name should be registered and legally under the common law. A registered brand name can not be copied easily in the market.

6. Lack of Obscene

In the same way, a brand name should be acceptable in society and the market. Brand names should not contain obscene words.

7. Suggestive

A brand name should be suggestive. Suggest something about the product. quality, benefits, and so on.

Some popular brand names that suggest desirable benefits like sun silk, fair and handsome, Nescafe, and so on.

  • Toothpaste: Close-up, Pespodent, Colgate, and so on.

  • Soap: Lux, Ok, Liril

  • Cold drinks: Coca-cola, Pepsi, Redbull

  • Shoes: Nike, Addidas

  • Scooter : Nova, Yamaha, Bajaj and so on

  • Motorbike: Honda, hero, Suzuki, Yamaha

  • Coffe: Nescafe

  • Health drinks: Horlicks, Bournvita

  • Milk: Amul

  • Biscuits: Tasty, Nebico, and so on.

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