10 simple low-competition freelance skills 2022 th you don't know

what are the 10 simple low-competition freelance Skills in 2024?

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Last updated on February 28th, 2024 at 04:51 am

If you’re looking for 10 simple low-competition freelance skills or jobs for 2024, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, We’re going to show you some of our favorite high-demand 10 simple low-competition freelance skills.

As the gig economy expands and evolves, an increasing number of people are turning to freelance work to gain financial independence and control over their careers. However, with so many freelancers on the market, standing out and finding consistent work can be difficult.

Focusing on skills that are in high demand but have little competition is one way to increase your chances of success as a freelancer. Here are ten low-competition freelance skills for 2024 that you can start developing right now:

The word Work from home seems to be challenging but not impossible. At present many people want to work online during their own working hours. People need more flexibility in their work. For this, there are many freelancing websites that offer many types of jobs and tasks.

If you are interested in freelancing and face problems like not getting an order or not getting a project. This happens because many people already offer their services. Many experts and skilled people are involved in the freelance marketplace.

If you want to grow your career as a freelancer then, you must know low competition and simple freelancing skills to get started.

Similarly, By bidding on the low competition skills you can get projects and this will definitely help in your portfolio and able to offer other skills according to your choice. This will make you a successful freelancer by taking the low-competition freelance skills.

Let’s get started.

Here we have researched and shortlisted major 10 low-competition freelance skills for 2024 out of hundreds of skills. These skills will really help you to grow your career as a beginner.

10 low-competition freelance skills in 2024

1. Medical coding
2. GraphQL
3. Blockchain DevOps
4. CNC Programming
5. User interface design
6. Technical writing
7. Translator/Translation
8. Video Editor
9. Web design and development
10. Social media management
low competition & simple freelance skills

The 10 Low-Competition Freelance Skills 2024

We have prepared this low-competition list by searching on the web and Google, visiting various sites, and taking advice from the experts’ friends that I know. I hope you can definitely get complete information about low-competition freelance skills in this article. You can choose the right skills and start your online working journey. So, please read this article till the end.

1. Medical coding

The medical coding demand has risen with the latest technology and innovation change. It is a growing field where you can easily start your freelance journey. According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), There are 68,000+ open jobs for medical coders at present. In the same way, This number will continue to rise as more people become aware of their healthcare’s importance and seek better care through technology.

Similarly, Medical coders’ salaries vary depending on what type of job they take and where they apply for the job. Similarly, most entry-level positions pay between $40k to $50k per year. where middle level and higher level get more from the entry-level.

2. GraphQL

simple low-competition freelance skills

In the same way, GraphQL is a data query language that allows one to ask for and fetch information from a server. GraphQL was mainly developed by Meta but has since been adopted by many big companies. In the same way, it can be used with any programming language, so it is possible to use it with Java or Python. In this way, GraphQL may be the best choice for you if you are looking for low-competitive freelance skills or jobs.

3. Blockchain DevOps

It is a specific skill set that joins the technical knowledge of blockchain development, with the ability to manage a distributed team. Blockchain developers should have experience with Java or similar programming languages such as Ruby, Python, or Go. Similarly, they should also be exposed to Linux operating systems (e.g., Ubuntu).

In the same way, Developers should be knowledgeable about stateful computers and databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL. Similarly, some familiarity with Linux networking protocols like TCP/IP and DNS is recommended as well.

4. CNC Programming

Similarly, CNC programming is a highly technical field and needs a high level of technical expertise. The CNC program is largely in the manufacturing industry. CNC allows engineers to automate their work so that they can get their work faster. If you want to be an expert you will need some training first. In this way, It is the hardest skill but has very low competition in the freelance sites.

5. User interface design

user interface design one of the best freelsnce job
User interface design

Similarly, User interface design is one of the best skills that comes under the low-competition freelance skills or jobs for 2024. Similarly, It is the process of enhancing the user’s satisfaction with a product by improving its usability, accessibility, and so on with the product. It is a combination of visual and interaction design. Visual design deals with creating a graphic representation. , Interaction design deals with How design will interact with users through their devices like tablets, laptops, smartphones, and so on.

6. Technical writing

technical writing one of the low competition freelance job
Technical writing

It is one of the growing skills that are in high demand. Many technical writers work in the field of software development where they are writing user manuals and other documents that explain how to use a product or service properly. In the same way, technical writing includes drafting the content, researching the topic, checking grammar, and revising documents before it is published. In this way, technical writing is one of the best and simplest freelance skills which has very low competition for 2024.

7. Translator/Translation

Translator/translation is one of the low competitive freelance skills which is best to start your career online. In the topic of translation our translator there are many job postings regularly in the online job marketplace. Translate means converting a document audio or video into another language or one language to another.

To do this job you need to know another language to translate. If you know more languages will help you to take on more projects and work easily. You can easily see the profiles of the translator freelancer on Upwork, freelancer, and so on. The minimum hourly rate for translators is $35 plus depending on their skillset and expertise.

8. Video Editor

At present, there are many jobs for video editing available in the online job marketplace. It is one of the simple and has low competition freelance skills. The demand for video editing skills is increasing rapidly nowadays. It is possible to earn a good income by offering a video editing service.

Video editing skills are the best if you are finding low-competition skills in the freelance marketplace. It is the best way to start your career and earn millions of dollars by using your video editing skills in the freelance marketplace. I would like to say that video editing skills are one of the Low Competition Freelance Skills in 2024 as well as in the future.

9. Web design and development

In the same way, the demand for web design and development is rapidly increasing in the freelance marketplace. It is one of the best skills in which you can make a lot of good income by offering your skill set and expertise. At present, All businesses and companies need websites, Here this is the reasons we have added web design to our listing.

Similarly, If you design a good quality website then, you have good value online. Thousands of web design and development jobs are posted in freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, and so on. By learning web design you can earn a good income. This is the best option if you are trying to start your freelance career as a web designer or developer in 2024.

10. Social media management is another Low-Competition Freelance Skill 2024

social media management job one of the easiest job

Many skills and jobs are in high demand and social media management is one of the skill sets which is in high demand and has very low competition. The demand for social media managers rapidly increases in freelance websites. Businesses need social media managers to handle their different social media profiles.

The main work of social media managers is to manage social media, posting, replying to comments, giving updates to the customers, and many more according to the business model. Similarly, For doing this job familiar with all popular social media platforms is necessary. There is a high demand for social media managers on many online job platforms. You can easily earn a good income by managing the client’s social media profiles. In this way, it is one of the best-demanded low-competition freelance skills in 2024.

You may also like to ask:

Which freelancing skills earn more?

All the jobs and skills vary in income according to their working nature. Similarly, I will give priority to technical writing, web design, and development, UI design, blockchain, and medical coding.

what are the easiest freelancing skills?

All the skills required learning and practice. Similarly, Social media management, writing, and video editing are the easiest freelancing skills From the skills list in this article.

Which skill is best for freelancing?

Similarly, there are many skills best for freelancing. Choosing the demandable skills and getting an expert in specific skills is the best for freelancing.

How can I learn these low-competition freelance skills?

You can learn these low-competition freelance skills from YouTube videos or learn from online course websites like Udemy, and Coursera. To learn more click here.

What has the lowest competition but has high-demand skills for freelancing?

Virtual assistants, translation services, content writing, social media management, app development, SEO experts, and so on have the lowest competition but have high-demand skills for freelancing.


In the above article, we discussed 10 simple low-competition freelance Skills 2024 in brief. There are a lot of freelance skills and jobs available right now. In this article, we mention some of the high demands for simple competitive freelance skills for 2024. Similarly, These 10 skills are not the end. In the same way, There are many low competitive skills that you can learn and move towards these skills.

Above, we have mentioned some hard as well as some simple competition freelance skills for you. Medical coding, GraphQL, CNC Programming, and Blockchain DevOps need a huge practice and learning to start work. Similarly, UI design, translation, technical writing, video editing, and social media management do not require a long time to learn. They are simple to learn. You can learn these skills from YouTube videos, and online course websites and able to start your career by learning these low-competition freelance skills.

If you have any complaints or suggestions regarding any skills posting list then comment in the comment box below. And, tell us which skills you want to use to earn income online by commenting. I hope that you have understood nicely of today’s topic for low-competition freelance skills in 2024. Thank you all for visiting our sites.

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